Saturday Club Ride

Important Information for the Saturday Club Ride

For groups/routes please scroll down to the link below.

Following the government’s announcements and guidance from British Cycling our successful Covid club ride format will be continuing.

We will be asking everyone to help out on arriving at the Leisure Centre by forming separate groups immediately in the car park. On some Saturdays there has been some milling while people arrange into groups which we would like to avoid. This is to ensure we are strictly following the ‘no more than 6’ directive and to ensure our format appears to be compliant to anyone passing by.

The main implication of this is for the larger groups (e.g. Blue A and B). We will need to form groups as people arrive and will be asking for your understanding and help in this. IF you particularly want to ride with someone specific then we would ask that you both arrive at the same time. This could be as simple as waiting near the Leisure centre and cycling in together.

Thanks to everyone for making the club rides safe and enjoyable and for being flexible and understanding so that we can all continue to ride together.

Current Club Ride Information

  • While riding in a group everyone must maintain a minimum distance of 1m+ at all times. As per government guidelines then a 2m distance between people is desirable where this is safe to do so.
  • If you need to clear your nose please move to the back of the group and ensure no one is behind you.
  • Please ensure you know the names of everyone you are riding with. In normal times this is courteous but if Covid-19 Track and Trace is required this would be important information.
  • Group sizes will be a maximum of 6 but can also be less if people feel more comfortable riding in smaller groups.

Groups and Routes

  • Please use this link to see which route your group is riding
  • Please use this link for Strava / Komoot route details and gpx files

KCC Group Riding Code of Conduct

  • No one gets left behind. We should finish the ride with the people we started with.
  • Riding on the front brings the responsibility for setting the right pace, pointing out hazards, signalling directions and crossing junctions safely.
  • Information must be passed up and down the group. This includes passing information back about hazards and directions and passing information forwards about vehicles behind or the pace needing adjustment.
  • People should ride close enough to communicate effectively (but maintain appropriate social distance). No half wheeling.
  • Consideration must be given to other road users. This means riding in groups of 6, choosing when to ride in pairs or single file, slowing or stopping to allow vehicles to pass and overtaking other ride groups safely.

Watch British Cycling’s video about group riding