A committee was elected at the inaugural meeting for Kendal Cycle Club on 1st October 2015. The committee is as follows:

Club Committee

Iain Childs

Iain Childs

  • Chair committee meetings and the Annual General Meeting.
  • Ensure appropriate documents, including minutes are available for committee members.
  • Ensure all committee members are aware of their role and responsibilities.
  • Act as an ambassador for the club, liaise with club members and convey any concerns and expectations to the committee.
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Daniel Craghill

  • To be responsible for all income and expenditure by the club.
  • Maintain accurate financial records and provide financial forecasts as required.
  • Report regularly to the committee on the clubs financial status.
  • Prepare and present audited financial statements and report at the Annual General Meeting.
  • Attend committee meetings.
  • Ensure that accurate records are kept of all financial transactions and any items of expenditure are approved by the committee.
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Darren Brown

Darren Brown

  • Be the first point of contact for all enquiries relating to Kendal Cycle Club.
  • Prepare and distribute minutes of committee meetings.
  • Keep records as required.
  • Organise Annual General Meeting and any other meetings.
  • Attend committee meetings.
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Rory Black

Rory Black

  • Be responsible for club website content and presentation.
  • Establish links with local and national press to best promote the club, teams, rides and events.
  • Produce and publish newsletters for information of members via the website.
  • Act as a spokesperson the club and maximise publicity for the club.
  • Liaise with other agencies and statutory bodies to best present the interest of the club.
  • Attend committee meetings.
  • Act as club kit representative and maintain commercial relationship with suppliers.
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Karen Gee

Karen Gee

  • The main point of contact for the Kendal CC Go-Ride Club.
  • Answering queries from parents and junior riders interested in taking part in the Go Ride Sessions.
  • Administration of the Go Ride Club.
  • Providing parents and junior riders with information on opportunities to ride and race locally.
  • Working with coaches and parents to provide a wide range of opportunities for junior members of Kendal CC.
  • To be in regular contact with British Cycling regarding opportunities for junior riders.
  • Attend committee meetings.
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Graham Tetlow

Graham Tetlow

  • Attend to all membership enquiries from members and prospective members.
  • Forward welcome e mail to all new members.
  • Complete and distribute membership cards.
  • Maintain accurate records of membership details.
  • Be familiar with data protection requirements.
  • Be responsible for parental consent forms.
  • Attend committee meetings and present membership statistics.
  • Promote and encourage renewal of memberships.
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Helen Jackson

Helen Jackson

  • Be the contact point with the club regarding all competitive cycle sport.
  • Maintain contact and relationships with other local clubs broadening the competitive availability for members.
  • Develop volunteers within the club to support racing and competitive events.
  • Compile and maintain yearly calendar of events and competitions for information of members.
  • Compile and promote a calendar of events and competitions suitable for the development and interest of young riders.
  • Encourage and facilitate young riders participation in these events.
  • Attend committee meetings.
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Beth Jackson

  • Represent the interest of women members within the club.
  • Promote and encourage the participation of women in cycling at all levels.
  • Communicate relevant information to women members and ensure any issues or concerns are brought to the attention of the club committee.
  • Attend committee meetings.
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Beth Jackson

Club Ride
  • Maintain list of members responsible for supervising club rides.
  • To announce rides at beginning of weekly club rides and update riders on any pertinent information or concerns.
  • Promote and arrange non-members introductory rides and inform new participants of rules and conditions for introductory riders.
  • Attend committee meetings.
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Joanna Williams

  • Ensure Kendal Cycle club comply with British Cycling’s policy and procedures for the protection of children and vulnerable adults.
  • Receive, record and report to the British Cycling Protection Officer and concerns relating to the welfare of any young people or vulnerable adults.
  • Advise of the development of activities for young people within the club.
  • Arrange Disclosure and Barring Service checks on behalf of Kendal Cycling club.
  • Attend committee meetings.
  • Be available and accessible to all members, volunteers and parents so that they are aware of who to contact should they require someone to confide in.
  • Advise chairperson and committee in relation to any safeguarding issues relating to Kendal Cycling Club.
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Ben Dowman

  • To organise and promote all social activities and events for the club throughout the year.
  • Solicit views of all members to best understand the range of events which would appeal to members and thereby be successful.
  • Liaise with youth and women’s representatives to ensure all the sections of the club are catered for.
  • Attend committee meetings.
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Guy Pocock

  • Get to know all club volunteers and potential volunteers
  • Ensure that all existing and potential volunteers have access to role descriptions
  • Signpost volunteers to relevant training
  • Co-ordinate the recruitment, training and support plans
  • Recognise and nominate your volunteers for volunteer awards
  • Reporting on the volunteer status at committee meetings and AGMs
  • Mentor new or young volunteers
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Pete Aylward

Pete Aylward

  • Identify where funding is required.
  • Research, plan and devise strategies for completion of funding applications.
  • Ensure all funding applications are ethical and comply with the aims & objectives of Kendal Cycle Club.
  • Identify and approach potential sponsors / donors.
  • Identify and seek potential funding opportunities.
  • Liaise with sports governing bodies, local sports partnerships to ensure the Club is represented.
  • Liaise with Go Ride Secretary to ensure the junior section is represented in the any funding applications.
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Iain Childs

Iain Childs

Club Coach
  • Provide a structured coaching programme within the club. .
  • Organise a programme of club training and coaching sessions.
  • Utilise British Cycling coaching resources to enhance the coaching programme.
  • Ensure that the British Cycling recommendations for coach to rider ratios are not exceeded.
  • Show commitment to further development and outreach work, supported with professional development of coaches within the club.
  • To ensure that knowledge, skills and qualifications are kept up to date.
  • Have an understanding of child protection and safeguarding policies.
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Joe Boothroyd

Youth Representative
  • Represent the interest of other young members of the club.
  • Organise and facilitate youth meetings and attend regional youth meetings.
  • Communicate relevant information to young people within the club.
  • Welcome new young members to the club.
  • Support volunteers within the club and generally get involved with all aspects of running the club.
  • Encourage and facilitate young riders participation in events.
  • Attend committee meetings.
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