Mallorca 2024

KCC Mallorca Trip: 20 April – 27 April 2024

The trip is about club members coming together to ride on some fantastic roads and share social time on a beautiful sunny (fingers crossed) island. It’s not a training camp (although it can be if you want that) and it’s not just about cycling either, people have also been swimming, running, rock climbing and sightseeing during the week.

The way it works is that people book and pay for their own flights and accommodation with everyone staying in the same place. This year people stayed in apartments of 2, 3 or 4 and we all had breakfast and dinner together. Even though we will all be booking individually (or in small groups) the hotel will give us big tables so that we can sit together for meals.

The Riding

If you haven’t been then Mallorca has some amazing cycling with beautiful scenery, great climbs and is hugely popular as a cycling destination. You won’t see lots of cars on the roads but you will see hundreds of cyclists.

As well some fantastic climbs that are semi-alpine there is also lots of flat riding with beautiful Spanish towns and villages. Wherever you go there are lots of cafes for a stop.

On the last trip there were Green, Blue, Red and Black groups riding every day with people in each of the groups who know the island well and who could suggest routes. It would be great to continue this is 2024.


The idea that everyone stays in the same Apartment hotel on half board. This means we all get together in the morning at breakfast and eat together in the evening to enjoy some social time even if we ride in different groups. Apartments can have 2, 3, or 4 people in.

We’ll be staying at the Sea Club in Alcudia Using the code KENDAL will discount 5% for HALF BOARD bookings with a minimum stay of 6 nights. This is on top of any other discounts being offered.

Bike hire or take your own?

Each year people do both. There are plenty of good bike hire options in Mallorca and people on the this group will be able to recommend. It is important to book early as Mallorca does run out of bikes.

Benefits of taking your own: You get to ride your own bike and sit on the same saddle you’re used to. It’s also slightly cheaper (but not loads).

Benefits of hiring: Less hassle getting to the airport and getting a transfer the other side,your precious bike doesn’t go through airports, if you have a mechanical on a hire bike the company will a) usually come and get you and b) fix it straightaway.