Club Kit

Club kit is available to all members. Membership for Kendal Cycle Club is available online.

Club kit is manufactured by Tactic. Kit is available to buy through the Tactic Kendal Cycle Club web page (please see Spond for access code). Kit will be delivered directly to members.

Kendal Cycle Club kit has been approved by British Cycling.  The design follows the style of the classic cycle jersey with horizontal stripes and ‘Kendal Cycle Club’ across the chest. The club colours (navy blue, red, white and light blue) take inspiration from the painted lines on the velodrome. The velodrome colours are cote d’azur, black line, red line and blue line, but the kit designers decided that black was too dark and used a white line instead. Using bright colours towards the top of the jersey ensures that club members are visible on the road and are easier to spot in the peloton.

To make the design unique and to show the Club’s provenance, there is an arrow pattern within the sky blue . An arrow was selected because it signifies speed and direction. It also provides a link to Kendal’s history and specifically ‘Kendal Green’ which was a hard-wearing wool-based fabric, and was sported by the Kendalian archers who were instrumental in the English victory over the French at the Battle of Agincourt.