Kendal Cycle Club is open to all types of road cyclist: the experienced racer, the novice looking for an introduction to competitive cycling and those who enjoy riding their bike.


Perhaps you’re wondering whether to try racing? If you are new to cycle racing we can help introduce you to this exciting sport, with advice and coaching support.

In a road race, all the competitors start together, and the winner is the first rider to cross the finish line. Road racing is tactical, fast paced and exciting, with riders making attacks and forming break-away groups as they attempt to outwit the other competitors. Team tactics play a big part in road racing, and a race will often finish in a dramatic bunch sprint.

Time Trialling

In a time trial, riders compete against the watch. Normally, a time trial is a solo competition, but some races are for teams of 2 or more riders. The winner is the fastest rider over a set distance, or the rider who covers the greatest distance in a fixed time. The most popular time trial distance is 10 miles.

You do not need any special equipment to take part in a time trial. Kent Valley Road Club run TT events. Riders of all abilities take part, and this is is an ideal introduction to time trialling.

Non competitive road events

Club members take part in long distance Audax and Sportive events across the UK and into Europe and beyond.