One of the key aims of Kendal Cycle Club is to nurture ability, encourage talent, foster a sense of adventure and to promote both competition and sportsmanship. To that end, KCC is pleased to announce a new Annual Bursary and invite its members to get their thinking caps on and apply. The bursary may be awarded to any member* in pursuit of a cycling-related goal.

This year we have agreed upon a pot of £500, and invite members to apply for bursary awards from that pot. 

This new initiative is largely as a result of the direct sponsorship from iwoca, allowing us to expand the horizons and support that the club offers its membership.

Naturally, we encourage all members* to apply (or parents and guardians, if your child is too young to fill in the paperwork!) If you’ve got something in mind, and would like some financial support to help achieve that, then it’s definitely worth applying.

We make no limits on the amount you can ask for, so long as you can make a convincing enough case for it, but we obviously reserve the right to award you some of what you’ve asked for, not necessarily the full amount.

Understandably, there is a finite amount of money to go around, so in the event that we receive a number of worthy applications, the Committee will have its work cut out to make suitable awards. Each application will be judged on its merits, but it’s unlikely we would single out one person to receive the whole pot and leave other people with nothing, and far more likely that we would make a number of awards to a number of worthy applicants.

Admin and Eligibility

Entries need to be submitted on the application form provided – please fill in all the boxes. Incomplete forms will be inadmissible.

To apply, please complete the application Word doc and supply it typed. We will accept handwritten applications of course, it will just make the Committee’s life a whole lot easier to review all the applications if they’re typed up.

Once completed please email to info@kendal.cc

*In order to qualify for the bursary an individual will need to be a current paid-up member and must have held continuous membership for the two years prior to the application date.

  • The maximum award granted will not be greater than £500. This award may be split amongst a number of applicants.
  • The Committee reserves the right to make no award.
  • The Committee’s decision is final, and no correspondence will be entered into regarding their decision.
  • Successful applicant/s will be required to submit a written report (with photos/videos if possible), and KCC reserves the rights to use this for publicity purposes going forwards.
  • If you have received a bursary previously, your new application must be for something significantly different to the award(s) you have already received.

Background and FAQS

Our committee has agreed that this is a good initiative, have had a look at the numbers, and decided that this year the club can afford to fund a bursary pot of £2000. Due to the potential vagaries of club finances, we will not know how much we can sensibly put into the pot each year in the future, until nearer the time, hence stating that each award will be a maximum of £500, this will be subject to review on a rolling basis.

Do I have to be a racer to apply?
Absolutely not – the bursary is to nurture your ability and talent as riders, to encourage your sense of adventure, as well as promoting competition and sportsmanship. If you can think of a cycling-related goal that fits that description, then you should definitely apply!

What can I spend the money on?
We don’t want to be too specific in telling you how you should use the money – we want you to think big, write down what you plan to do, and we will read it and make a call. So whether you have an adventure in mind, a competitive target you’re aiming at, some coaching or skills you’d like to gain, or something we’ve never thought of before, we want to hear from you!

I don’t think my idea is good enough/big enough/crazy enough…
Well, you won’t know until you apply! Whilst we do have a broad membership, some of whom are doing some truly amazing things right at the limits of what seems humanly possible, we also have a large number of members right at the start of their cycling journey, and we want to support you too. This might be the helping hand you need to push on with that journey and
we would love to be a part of that!

What if I leave Kendal Cycle Club after being awarded a bursary?
Whilst we put a proviso on length of membership before being eligible for an award, we make no restrictions on how long you stay after an award is made (so long as you fulfil your end of the deal, spend the money as described, and submit your report). Whilst we would obviously love you to stay a member – if circumstances change, you will not be tied to the club because of this award. (What if the award helps you get picked up by a race team, or takes you to a far-flung corner of the world and you don’t want to come back? We’d love to be able to play a part in stories like that!)