Getting started with Racing

For more information about events and races which the club will be involved with, contact our Race Secretary.

The British Cycling Website is a good place to start if you are interested in bike racing.  There is information here for those interested in, mountain bike, cyclo-cross,  BMX, track and road racing.  It includes information on licences, age groups, events, training/preparation and results.

Time Trials

For those interested in time trial races check out the Cycling Time Trials website 

The league International (TLI)

“TLI Cycling is a voluntary sports organisation, supporting cycling clubs in the UK, the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man, to organise competitive cycling events for all ages, entrants racing against others in their peer group. It is run on a not-for-profit basis entirely by unpaid volunteer members, any surplus being used to maintain, improve and develop TLI Cycling’s activities.

TLI Cycling has for over 30 years provided grass-roots cycle racing for all ages and abilities, with competition based upon age. In 2013 we accommodated over 10,000 male and female entrants in our various events, the competitors ranging in age from under 12 to over 75!”

To ride a TLI event you do not need a British Cycling racing licence, but you do need to join the TLI.  This can be a day membership for the day of an event you wish to enter or an annual membership  if you think you will enter several TLI events in the season. For more information go to the TLI website.

The League of Veteran Racing Cyclists

The League of Veteran Racing Cyclists provides racing for cyclists who are veterans. To be eligible to join you must be 40 years of age or more; the League is open equally to male and female bike racers. Don’t worry if you think you aren’t fit enough to race – in the LVRC you are always allowed (encouraged, in fact) to compete in an older age group than your calendar age indicates. The only exception to this is National Championship and Percy Stallard Series races. This is deliberately designed to help people get back into racing, and move up the groups as fitness starts to return. For more information go to the LVRC website

Local Events

Lakes & Lancs Spoco is a local series for those interested in time trials over more rolling roads of various distances in the spring and early summer. For more information go to the Lakes & Lancs Spoco website.

There are various events held at the closed road circuit at Salt Ayre near Lancaster.  For information on events held here check out the Salt Ayre Circuit Facebook Page and for the Tuesday night circuit racing at Salt Ayre.

Check out local cycling club sites for information in their events.