Thursday Club Ride

From the first week in April until the last week in October, rides meet at Kendal Leisure Centre at the back of the car park. From the first week in November until the last week in March, rides meet at the junction of Sedbergh Road and Castle Green Road. Rides aim to leave promptly at 6.30 pm.

There are various groups to cater for different distances and average speeds:

  • Green: 20 miles 8-10 mph (32 km, 13-16 kmph)
  • Blue B: 25 miles 10-13 mph + Ladies only group (40 km, 16-21 kmph)
  • Blue A: 25 miles 13-15 mph (40 km, 21-24 kmph)
  • Red B: 30 miles, 15-16 mph (48 km, 24-26 kmph)
  • Red A: 30 miles, 16-17 mph (48 km, 26-27 kmph)
  • Black B: 30 miles+, 17-19 mph (48+ km, 27-30 kmph)
  • Black A: 30 miles+, 18-20 mph (48+ km, 29-32 kmph)

If you’re unsure about which group to ride with then opt for the shorter/slower ride.

Any person who wishes to join the club ride but hasn’t experience of cycling with a club must read our group riding booklet and come along to one of our non-members’ introductory rides. These are held on the first Saturday of the month, 9.30 am at the Leisure Centre and pre-registration is required. 

Non-members can take part in one ride. If they wish to take part in subsequent rides then they must be club members. First-time riders are covered by British Cycling’s club insurance. Repeat non-member riders are not covered by club insurance and may be held personally liable for any injury or damage they may cause.

The ultimate responsibility for personal safety and well-being is with the individual rider. Cycling activities with the club are undertaken at the individual’s own risk. Wearing a helmet on a club ride is mandatory.

Those attending should adhere to all the following guidelines and carry their membership card. If the coordinator is not happy with your equipment or ability on the ride you may be asked to leave the ride. Always ride safely and obey the Highway Code. All participants are responsible for their own actions.

Those attending should be prepared to learn the techniques of riding two abreast in close formation. Kendal CC recommends that riders limit themselves to a maximum group size of 8. Larger groups should split and leave approx 30 m between each group – this allows for vehicles to overtake and makes for safer riding. You can read more about cycling in a group on the British Cycling website or watch the video below.

Watch British Cycling’s video about group riding

Silverdale Route

Grange Route


Riding in a group has many advantages but it also places certain responsibilities on each rider. Punctures, mechanicals etc, whilst often bad luck, can be less of a trial if certain precautions are taken before the run

  • Make sure your bike is safe – check brakes, wheels, rims and steering.
  • Also ensure that nothing is loose (especially mudguards) or liable to fall off. A lubricated chain etc is also a good idea.
  • Check your tyres – worn tyres are the single biggest preventable cause of punctures. Multiple punctures, apart from being a pain, won’t endear you to other riders waiting for you on a cold day !
  • Make sure you know how to fix a puncture – practice beforehand if you need to.


You are likely to need the following equipment:

  • An appropriately serviced bike
  • A helmet (wearing a helmet on a club ride is mandatory)
  • At least one, but preferably two, spare inner tubes
  • A working pump
  • Puncture repair kit – for those awful days when two tubes aren’t enough
  • Tyre levers – 2/3
  • A multi tool – to adjust gears etc
  • Other optional tools eg chain breaker
  • Even in winter hydration is important so each rider should carry a water bottle
  • Personal first aid – plasters, antiseptic wipes etc
  • Money – for the cafe stop
  • Waterproof
  • Water and/or carbohydrate drink
  • Solid carbohydrate source eg banana, raisins, jelly babies