Kendal Cycle Club Group Riding Etiquette

Welcome Kendal Cycle Club was formed in 2015. The Club has grown very quickly and attracted many new cyclists who have never been part of a cycle club. The committee has worked hard to ensure club members are safe. This has lead to the publication of this document. Cycling is one of the highest participation sports with significant growth over the last decade. Correspondingly, Kendal Cycle Club has also grown to be one of the most significant cycling clubs in Cumbria and it remains unique in that we continue to provide a broad offering to our members – road, cyclo-cross, mountain biking, Go- Ride, track, training, racing, and social elements making up a balanced club. Whatever your desired interest in cycling, riding safely is of paramount importance. And riding in a bunch is radically different from riding alone. You can compare bunch riding to driving your car along a crowded M6 at speed, during peak hour. It only works if all drivers act consistently, stay alert and without surprises. This is the key reason why this guide was put together and is made available free of charge to all current and prospective members. Being aware and understanding your responsibilities, both within the bunch and generally, will help protect you and your fellow cyclists. Please read, understand and practise the disciplines and etiquette described. If in any doubt, ask a senior club member or committee member who will be more than happy to help you. Without the voluntary contribution of our member’s time and energy, the club could not be as successful as it is. We thank all volunteers, especially the Club Committee. Thank you.