Junior and Go-Ride

Kendal Cycle Club Go-Ride sessions run on Monday from April through to October.

WE CURRENTLY HAVE A WAITING LIST FOR ALL ABILITY GROUPINGS. PLEASE EMAIL GORIDE@KENDAL.CC WITH YOUR CHILD’S NAME, DATE OF BIRTH AND CYCLING EXPERIENCE TO GO ONTO THE APPROPRIATE WAITING LIST. We have very long waiting lists – in some age groups this could be several years. We are restricted by the number of qualified coaches, plus the space available

We have a fabulous group of British Cycling qualified coaches and run a range of sessions for differing ages and abilities.

The sessions focus on core cycling and bike handling techniques, including: weight shift, balance, gear selection and cornering, as well as incorporating fun and games (and sometimes some competition too)

If your child has been to Kendal Cycle Club Go-Ride before, they will continue to improve their bike handling skills, building on their previous experiences.  If they’re new to Go-Ride, our qualified coaches will help them to develop their skills and confidence in a safe and fun environment.

Sessions run during term time. Our mini’s session are suitable for cyclists in YS1, and we offer progression through to the age of 14.

*Please see the FAQ’s below for more information on whether your child is ready for our Go Ride sessions

PLEASE NOTE: All participants of Go-Ride must be a member of Kendal Cycle Club (for insurance purposes) – junior membership costs just £8.50 per year, and can be bought here once your child has a confirmed place.

Kendal Cycle Club is a British Cycling registered Go-Ride club with ClubMark Status. Go-Ride is British Cycling’s development programme for young people. The programme provides a fun and safe way to introduce young riders to the world of cycle sport and provides a platform to improve bike handling skills.

If you need to contact our welfare officer, email Simon Frost male-welfare-officer@kendal.cc or Christine Nelson female-welfare-officer@kendal.cc

Kendal Cycle Club Go-Ride Sessions for children

We are currently putting together a committee of parents to help arrange opportunities for the junior riders. Please contact please email us if you’re interested in getting involved.

Frequently asked questions about Kendal Cycle Club Go-Ride:

What age can my child come to Go-Ride sessions?

To take part in the Kendal Cycle Club Go Ride General Bike Skills and Mountain Bike sessions your child must be able to cycle confidently, and have the concentration span and fitness, to safely take part in an hour long coaching session alongside children of different ages and abilities. Our experience is that this can be from the time they enter Year 3, but each child is different.

For younger children we are offering Kendal CC Mini’s during the summer term. This is aimed at younger children, in Reception, Y1 and Y2. Your child must be able to pedal (no balance bikes or stabilisers), start cycling without a push, and stop themselves. The Mini sessions will run for about 40 – 45 minutes, as we find the younger children prefer not to ride for the full hour.

Please wait a term or two if your child is not quite ready to join the sessions.  If you wish to discuss your child’s suitability for the course, or put them on the mailing list for future courses, please email us.

Do I have to be a member of Kendal CC for my child to join Go-Ride?

No, you don’t have to be a member, but your child does. We offer family membership for £30 and junior membership for just £8.50.  Membership runs for 12 months from purchase.

Does my child have to be a member of British Cycling to join Go-Ride?

No – whilst they have to be a member of Kendal CC, they don’t have to be a British Cycling member. However, if they wish to take part in the British Cycling organised holiday clubs, or race on behalf of Kendal Cycle Club, then they will need to be members of British Cycling

Does my child have to be able to ride a bike for the Kendal Cycle Club Go-Ride sessions?

Yes – the sessions are aimed at improving bike handling skills, and your child must be able to take part in an hour long coaching session.

My child uses stabilizers – can they come to Kendal Cycle Club Go-Ride?

Sorry – your child must be able to ride their bike without stabilizers before coming to the Go Ride sessions

What type of bike does my child need to attend Go-Ride?

Your child must have a well maintained bike that is the correct size for them.  If they are enrolled on a Mountain Bike specific course, they must have an off road suitable bike

Can I turn up on the night with my child?

No – we have limited spaces available on the Go Ride sessions, and run a waiting list. This is due to the number of riders each coach is allowed per group. Please do not turn up without having a confirmed place, as your child will be turned away.

Can I pay cash on the night for the Go-Ride sessions?

No – please pay in advance via our booking system.  Blocks of sessions are sold each half term – we cannot accept payment on a weekly basis.

Do I have to stay and watch my child during their Go Ride sessions?

We ask that you stay for your child’s first session, to ensure that they are capable of completing the session. Thereafter you can leave your child with our qualified British Cycling coaches. Please ensure that your emergency contact details are up to date.

Does my child need to wear a helmet?

Yes – a correctly fitting helmet is mandatory for all Go-Ride sessions and Kendal CC club rides.

Does my child need special cycle clothing for Go-Ride sessions?

No – the only thing they need is a cycle helmet. Please make sure they are wearing clothing that is comfortable and safe to ride their bike in for an hour.

  • Layers are recommended, especially on cold days. Your child will warm up as the hour progresses
  • Cycle gloves help keep fingers warm on cool evenings
  • Waterproofs are needed during wet weather

Who will be coaching my child at the Go-Ride session?

We have a group of volunteers and coaches who work together with young cyclists to increase their skills, fitness and knowledge of cycle sport to make them better bike riders.

Kendal Cycle Club currently has six qualified coaches:

Iain Childs:

Paddy Finn:

Rachel Rodger:

Paul Troughton:

Beth Jackson:

Kath Finn:

Do you have kids bikes for use?

Yes – we have a small number of bikes available for children to borrow – these must be booked in advance with your child’s coach

Can I buy a Kendal CC jersey for my child?

Members of Kendal CC can buy junior sized jerseys during kit open windows, which take place every few months. Please keep an eye on the club Facebook Group for more details.

What age can my child ride on the Saturday club rides?

Juniors can join the Saturday club ride at the following ages:

The minimum age for those wishing to take part in the Wednesday Chain Gang is 18.

What other opportunities do you have for junior cyclists, apart from the Go-Ride sessions?

We can also introduce girls and boys to a wide range of cycle-sports, including mountain biking, cyclo-cross, circuit racing and track racing. For more information please email goride@kendal.cc

My child is interested in racing – where can I find out more information?

Please contact our race secretary for details of training and racing opportunities. Further information on race categories and opportunities can be found on the British Cycling website.

Watch British Cycling’s video about Go-Ride