Club Trip to Mallorca

  • Mallorca

Towards the end of April Kendal Cycle Club went to the Spanish island of Mallorca. Pedals were turned, miles were ridden, coffees enjoyed, cakes and ice-creams eaten, hills climbed, buckets sweated, chamois creams applied and re-applied, photos taken, and beers drunk.

But, that wasn’t all. There was more.

The cycling was varied and every day Blue, Red and Black groups tackled different routes on the island taking in big climbs, rolling roads through villages, monasteries on top of hills, cafes and beautiful views. In the evenings we had drinks in the sun and dinner together to talk about the day and plan the next.

But, that wasn’t all. There was more.

There were a lot of notable personal accomplishments. A few are mentioned below and I know that there are many others I’m not aware of.
• 31 of the group completed the Mallorca Coast to Coast ride. After taking a coach to the other side of the island we completed a one-way 75 mile journey over the entire mountain range to return to Alcudia. The toughest part of this was the Puig Mejor climb, nearly 10 miles at 6% which comes over halfway into the ride. Paul Gallagher, Peter Browne, Gary Hooper and Henry Adams were amongst the first to reach the climb and at one point nearly all the group were somewhere on the 10 mile stretch. A number of people really challenged themselves on this route including Rachel Rodger, Leanne Ayres, Sylvie Rose Heath, Tess Baxter, Jo Williams, Beth Jackson, Damian Bonsall, Andy Welton, Mark Balderson, Helen Farthing and Che Wall
• Mallorca’s most famous climb is the iconic Sa Calobra (nearly 6 miles at 7%) and was completed by many of the group, notably Adam Higgins, Kevin Neil Goodson and Andrew Fancourt for whom it was a personal aspiration to ride.
• Cllr Gill Gardner exceeded her own expectations and during a 50 mile ride to Arta was clocked riding at 25mph while drafting Paddy Finn.

But, that wasn’t all. There was more.

For myself it was brilliant to be part of the black group with Rory Black, Pete Brittleton, Laurie Lambeth, Simon Horsley, Tangerine Tim, Helen Elizabeth Jackson, and Ed plus visiting riders Simon Leigh, Keiran Sandham and Will Hall. Every hill was ridden like a competition and the attacks were plentiful. Trying not to get dropped when the hammer went down was part of the fun.

But, that wasn’t all. There was more.

The Spanish writer Anais Nin wrote about friendship; “Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born.”

The week would have been a totally difference experience without the people.

The sun would still have shone, the tarmac would have been great and the cakes delicious, but it wouldn’t have meant as much.

Last week new worlds were born as new friends were made and old friendships deepened. Sharing the experience with others made it so much more. Last week, being in Kendal Cycle Club was about friendship, acceptance, challenge, support, encouragement and fun. For me it’s what being in a club is all about.

For all those who came to Mallorca this year I thank you for being part of it and adding something just by being there.
For anyone who couldn’t make it this year and would like to next year then I encourage you to be part of it in 2019, everyone in KCC is welcome.